iDo-IT offers iPhone and iPad Repairs on-site in the heart of Brisbane and Adelaide.

2015, 01 Feb Clumsy and unlucky customers fuel expansion plans of Brisbane iPhone repair duo

DEAN McCowan and business partner Wesley Taylor have ambitous plans to expand their young iPhone repair business Australia wide within the next three years.

Gold Coast iPhone and iPad Repairs is still well in its infancy, only being two years old, but the company has well exceeded the pair’s expectations.

It recently moved into a new and expanded office space in the Brisbane CBD.

After being left unsatisfied by the quality of his iPhone screen repair Mr McCowan said he saw an opportunity to provide consumers with a “premium quality” repair on their device at a pauper’s price.

“I had broken my phone eight times in one year, I realised that the cost I was paying to get it fixed through Apple was exorbitant, so I had a repairer fix my screen and I was not happy with the quality,” Mr McCowan said.

“So I actually ended up buying myself a screen online and I did the repair myself.

“I’ve had the same supplier from the very first screen I bought. It’s called and their products were so good we ended up going into business together in November last year.”

The business prides itself on a quick turnaround time and the fact that it will pick up and deliver your device from your house or workplace.

“I was an engineer in the Defence force for eight years, which taught me how to perfect processes,” Mr McCowan said.

“I have been able to teach everybody who works for us how to get the most out of their day in terms of repairs”.

Mr McCowan said that there had been substantial interest in possible expansion ventures throughout the country.

Article first appeared in The Courier Mail