iDo-IT offers iPhone and iPad Repairs on-site in the heart of Brisbane and Adelaide.

About Us It's happened to the best of us...

One minute you might be carrying a little more than your arms can handle or you've had a few too many and reach into your pocket to text that special someone and all of a sudden our iPhone or Smartphone screens are sacrificed before our very eyes. Getting it fixed for most people almost seems too hard and we battle with sticky tape and get small pieces of glass in our fingers just to avoid the frustration of being without our phones or footing the inevitable repair cost.

We're working on changing the negative saga around iPhone/ iPad and Smartphone repairs forever by making it as quick and pain free as possible .

We are bringing the phone repair centre to your letter box, we live by the philosophy that if you can post it - we can fix it (send it from anywhere - anytime). Simply put your damaged phone in the mail and the day we receive the phone/iPad/ iPhone, Samsung device we will do the repair and providing that payment has been made in full we will put it in the return post the same day back to you.

Try our "in house service" come to us in Tweed Heads or we'll come straight to you (with in 30kms of the Tweed Heads Gold Coast, Queensland) "technician call out"...

Whatever you need to get the job done.

We pride ourselves on supplying the best original parts. We know how good the parts are so we give you a 12 month warranty on all parts used in our repairs.

and a unique service for everyone.

Hi all, I am Dean I have spent most of my adult life as an engineer on aircraft in the Royal Australian Air Force and decided to put my engineering skills to another good use. After living in rural Australia and destroying my phone (more than once) while there I had to wait until I could get to a capital city to have it repaired. I realised that there is a need for every Australian where ever they may live to have access to a fast, effective and efficient mobile phone repair service hence "Gold Coast iPhone and iPad Repairs" was created. I had the skills so next came the training on iPhone and Smartphone repairs, I expanded the team with more qualified mobile phone and tablet technicians so we could widen the products services we offer. We have Apple device trained technicians standing by to get your repair work done NOW.